"Failed Transmission" Tour!


The Moonmen are set to embark upon their 2020 "Failed Transmission" tour March 1st, 2020.

"Failed Transmission" EP Available!


The Moonmen's debut EP, "Failed Transmission" is available on Spotify, Apple Music, CDBaby and all other streaming services world-wide!

Who Are The Moonmen?!?


Who are these bizarre yet cuddly musicians?  Click below to meet the band members!

Photos Of The Moonmen


A gallery of photos of the band!

News And Announcements


The Moonmen were recently interviewed by Indy In-Tune journalist, Amy Foxworthy.  Click here to read the article!  

Videos of The Moonmen


Live performances, interviews, official music videos, odd transmissions...get all your Moonmen videos right here!

The Big Wave from the "Smuggler's Den Session

The Moonmen perform The Big Wave during their Smuggler's Den Sessions!

The moonmen "Failed Transmission" EP on Spotify!


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