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Introducing the guy who plays all things keyboard related: Vinny Corsaro


Height: Technically 7 feet tall, just really short for his height

Weight: 1.1 Sietchan Units

Age: 8,657 days (and counting)

Likes: words, silence, well crafted origin stories for sympathetic villains, and images of chimpanzees dual wielding swords

Favorite Food: photosynthesis

Useless Super Power: super speed, but only while going backwards

Musical Influences: Snarky Puppy, Kamaal Williams, Parliament, Prince

Ideal First Date: stealing the Declaration of Independence


Vinny  Corsaro has played keys/guitar for Maddie and the Roadies and Julia  Kahn and the New 45's.  He has been active in the Indianapolis scene  since his first gig at age 13.  He is a writer, musician, rock climber  and person.

Introducing the string man: Sietch Ramshackle


Height: tall enough for any amusement park ride

Weight: 1 whole Sietchian unit

Age: ?????? (perhaps immortal) ???????

Likes: Piracy, olives, and a smidge of anarchy

Favorite Food: people's souls (or fruit salad)

Secret Special Power: well, that's a secret, ya dingus

Musical Influences: Johnny Cash, Frank Zappa, Thelonious Monk

Ideal First Date: stripping copper wire out of public buildings to sell for spare cash      


     Sietch   was formally the guitarist and vocalist for Circling Birds.  He   played  bass in Echospill and Starve the Beast on 6-string bass.

     He  has released 2 solo albums.  He recently finished a studio session for  Nate  Raab's upcoming release "Warehouse Daydreams."  He also plays  guitar  with Maddie and  The Roadies.  He performed in the past with Naptown Revue and  Soulrocker.

Introducing the guy who hits things in cool rhythmic patterns: Zane Turi


Height: the exact same height as two children stacked in trench coats, though, come to think of it…. 

Weight: 1.2 Sietchan Units

Age: 24 years young

Likes: noise, motorcycles, acting tough (but really works at a flower shop), and playing way too many video games

Favorite Food: peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches

Useless Super Power: can walk through walls, but only 2/3 of the way through

Musical Influences: Pink Floyd, Shrek, Yussef Dayes, Benny Greb, Darkhouse Family

Ideal First Date: going to the zoo to see all the cool animals and  eating ice crea- wait a minute, gonna have to seriously talk to Zane to  see if he’s an adult or actually two kids in a trench coat, hmm….


Zane Joseph Turi plays drums for Maddie and the Roadies and played previously with Julia  Kahn and the New 45's .